We did it.   We pulled out two wins this weekend to finish 10 - 0.   Yesterday we played in Tewksbury and won 4 - 0.   Great game for us.   Lots of passing and communication between players.   Today we went to Hopewell Valley again and pulled it out 4 - 3 after being down 3 - 1.   We came out flat from the start.  Ange and I knew we were in trouble before the first goal was scored.   They had one player who had a great game.   Scored all three of their goals.   Last one on a penalty kick.   We had penalties against us all day long.   Barely had a call go our way.   Down 3 - 1 after the first half, the kids fought back like crazy in the second half.   Like a different team was on the field.   They moved the ball great.   Lots of passing.   We scored 3 goals in the third quarter.  Our third goal came on a long pass up the right sideline from Mike F. to Connor H. deep in the corner.   He takes the pass and makes a beautiful cross in front of the net where Alexa came flying in to slam it into the back of the net.   Looked like these guys were playing together for years.   Our last goal came on a penalty kick.  Stephan puts it high left.   No possible way the goalie has a shot to block it.  All that Power and Finesse really paid off on that one!
Very exciting for the kids.   Ange and I wanted to thank you for the great training sessions.   The kids learned a lot and really enjoyed your sessions.  
Have a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in the winter / spring.
Hi Coach Mike,

Well our girls did it again!!! What a game!!!! We were down 1-0 at half came back and won 2-0. The passing was AWESOME!!!!!! Our parents our so grateful for what you have taught our daughters!!!

Just to let you know Charelle from the Excel thinks your great too!!!!

If we beat them tomorrow we clinch first....they are our last two games!!

Also we will be having you train them for spring as well if you would do us the honors!!!!

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Coach Mike and Coaches Steve, Scott and Frank, 

Just wanted to let you all know that Rachael had a header for a goal today off of a corner kick from Lynzie in a middle school game. This was the third or fourth time Rach has tried a header on a corner or play around the goal and this time it worked to perfection between Lynzie's kick and Rachael's jump and header to direct the ball in the goal.

I believe that Rach has been clearly improving her game and it is directly related to Coach Mike's training and the team practices held by our team coaches. Please accept my thanks for all your efforts to improve the training for our players and know that it is making a difference. I keep telling Rach that she has to continue to work on the soccer skills she is being taught in training in her team and middle school games. I have seen her trying to do that and the results are beginning to show. I wish I had it on video so I could show you the fruits of your labor.

Thanks again for your efforts on our player's and team's behalf.


Dear USP Soccer,

I just wanted to send a quick email saying thank you for such a wonderful soccer experience this summer.
My son, David Viera, attended your kinderkicks program at Laura Donovan School in Freehold the week of August 10th.
He had a great time!!!!
Your camp was well organized, and I can't say enough about how professional your staff is. Especially Coach David.
My son woke up every morning asking if he got to go to soccer camp that day.
He really learned a lot and as I watched him play before pick up time, he was in the game using his newly aquired skills.
He is now very prepared and excited for this fall's soccer season........thanks to US Premier Soccer's wonderful summer camp experience.


Lia Viera